Days 2-5 – Primal & Stone Mountain Trip

Day 2 Started off strong. I was ready to stick to the diet and stay positive

My head was in better shape on this morning. The pounding had not returned, but concentrating was difficult. Writing was a challenge. Words were hard to come by.

I spent the morning working on various work projects and in the afternoon changed my focus to trip preparations.

The trip preparations took longer than I expected and I ended up leaving an hour and a half later than I wanted or planned to. My reward for the delayed departure was some very thick pockets of traffic and the addition of an hour to the trip. The parks gates close at 8PM, we pulled in at 7:30 . . .

Much to my surprise and pleasure, both the car we took with trailer in tow, and my parent’s truck with RV in tow all (mostly) fit in the campsite’s driveway.  We happily greeted each other and quickly began to set up camp.

Brandon give the tent a thumbs-up

Although, we could have stayed in the RV with my parents, we opted for more of a camping experience and set up tent. This was the second time we’ve used this tent and setting it up in the dark proved to be a bit of a challenge.  Meanwhile, 10 feet away, my dad is fighting with not quite ready to burn firewood. He’s been arguing with the timbers and repeatedly dousing them with lighter fluid, desperately trying to get a fire going. It occurs to me that what I need is more light in order to put the tent together. I mention to my 7 year old that I need a torch, meaning a lantern, and he (being smarter than me) actually went and found a propane torch in one of the camping totes we packed. A perfect fire-starter! So, we get the propane torch going and get the fire started and I did out a lantern so that I can read the instructions to put the tent together. Some time (and fumbling) later, the tent is erected and staked into position.

My parents, who were expecting us to arrive much earlier, had held dinner in anticipation of our arrival. Tent is up, fire is lit, let’s eat. Steaks go on the portable gas grill and 10 minutes later we’ve got dinner. Medium-rare steak, salad, freshly made cornbread (that was super moist and more like cake than bread), and boiled corn on the cob. There was also some fermented grape juice at the table . . .

With a full belly, we set out to finish unloading the necessary gear from the car and finish our tent setup. Air mattresses were inflated and carried in, sleeping bags and overnight bags followed behind.

The rest of the weekend was spent huddling about the fire, hiking the trails, tossing the football around, playing catch with my dad and son, and some pretty epic bike riding.

It was a great weekend!

Friday Food digest:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in butter, a few pieces of last night’s london broil, and a cup of black coffee
  • Lunch: Leftover grilled steak, peppers, and onions
  • Snack: Cashews
  • Dinner: (At Stone Mountain with family) Steak, Salad, small piece of cornbread, ear of corn

Saturday Food Digest

  • Breakfast: 1 eggs fried in butter, a few pieces of last night’s london broil,  1 slice of cheddar on some toasted ezekiel bread and a cup of black coffee,
  • Lunch: Elbow macaroni with ground beef, onions, and a can of tomato sauce
  • Dinner: Kabobs: Steak, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers
  • Desert : (such a mistake) Bowl of ice cream . . . .followed by a smore a few hours later

Sunday Food Digest

  • Breakfast: 1 eggs fried in butter, a few pieces of last night’s london broil,  1 slice of cheddar, and mayo on some toasted ezekiel bread and a cup of black coffee,
  • Lunch: Hambrugers (on white buns)
  • Dinner:  (back at home) Mushroom, Onion, & Sausage Pizza (2 slices)

Monday Food Digest

  • Breakfast: Mushroom, Onion, & Sausage Pizza (1 slice)
  • Lunch: Mushroom, Onion, & Sausage Pizza (1 slice)
  • Dinner:  Mushroom, Onion, & Sausage Pizza (1 & 1/2 slice)
    • Balance of the pizza was donated to the dog.

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